Aliyun OS – New Kid on the OS Block

Global e-commerce giant Alibaba has just unveiled its new mobile device operating system – Aliyun OS. It has been developed by Alibaba Cloud Computing, a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group. It has been introduced as a cloud-based operating system, featuring cloud services including e-mail, Internet search, weather updates, mapping & GPS navigation tools.

The cloud OS provides support for web-based apps as well, offering users an Internet-like experience that do not require the user to download or install application software on their mobile devices. Cloud OS users will be able to synchronize, store and back-up data such as contact information, call logs, text messages, notes and photos to the cloud and also access & update this data across all their PC and mobile devices.

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The Big Mac Index gets Garnished

The Economist just released an updated version of their Big Mac Index, having run a “best fit” regression line against GDP per person (the line does visibly appear to be a significant fit). A nice, novel metric, based on a measure referencing a good that may not be in the typical consumption basket across all economies.

“Currency Comparisons, To Go” from The Economist