Remember, Remember, The 5th of November

Hacktivist group Anonymous has claimed that on November 5th, 2011, Facebook will be “destroyed”!

An Anonymous Twitter account, @OP_Facebook (signifying “Operation Facebook”), has been set up with a tweet linking to this YouTube video. The transcript is available here. (Note: November 5th is a somewhat significant date for revolution)

Anonymous has recently claimed involvement in a number of notable hacking attacks this year, including breaking into numerous law enforcement websites and taking down the Syrian Ministry of Defense website. According to them, Anonymous has taken this recent interest in Facebook due to privacy concerns and its plans to create its own social network, called AnonPlus.

Another group closely associated with, and in fact, splintered from Anonymous, is LulzSec. The group is infamous for defacing or disabling the websites of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, the CIA and a number of other major organizations. The most expert of LulzSec’s six presumed core members, who goes by the alias “Sabu” is still at large, although police have arrested at least two members.

Meanwhile, a recent report by McAfee, a computer-security company, reveals the results of a five-year investigation called Operation Shady RAT, studying attacks that use “Remote Access Tools” to gain unauthorized access to computer networks. The victims include governments of America, Canada, India, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam, plus defence contractors and many other firms; though the perpetrators are not identified (China is hinted, however).

All these forebode security concerns for all. Even if you do not use Facebook; or maybe, specially if you do!

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