A Celebration of Sentences

Below is an endearing piece from the Bengali American author Jhumpa Lahiri. It is at once a celebration of the enchantment of sentences, which are but words in harmonious array, and an introspective narrative. I would recommend reading the comments section as well, where contrasting views are expressed.

My Life’s Sentences” from The NY Times Opinion Pages.


  1. Totally loved this and could relate to it. Didn’t get through all the comments, but the first commenter “how could a narrative be compelling but still leave me cold, I am towards the end of a book exactly like this currently, it’s plot driven and so part of me is interested in what will happen next, but especially on the back of something as beautifully constructed and written as ‘The Snow Child’ whose sentences do more than just move the plot along, and though I am reading it on kindle I am not inpsired to highlight any passages as I would something that inspired as much as it informed. And then Francine Prose wrote a whole book about sentences, a classic. Thank you for sharing this.


    1. It is amazing how good writing on writing brings more out of books we read. Kudos and thanks to the authors for taking the time. I, personally, still need the feel of a book in my hand to make my reading complete. Color me old-fashioned! Also, happy reading to you.


      1. I agree that the feel of a book brings something special and I too have a preference for books, but the gift of a kindle and an opportunity to read a few books as advance copies has only expanded my reach without taking anything away. I look forward to rereading the best, cover to cover the old-fashioned way.

        I always thought old-fashioned was associated with old age, I can’t believe as a letter writer I am completely old fashioned and now as readers we are also starting to use that term.


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